Life Path Number 33

People born with the Master Number 33 as their Life Path Number are here to heal and teach. Extremely nurturing and expressive, they make the world a better place and that is exactly what they’re here to do. Like the other two master numbers (11 and 22), Life Path 33 individuals vibrate at a higher frequency. Since 33 reduces to the number 6, people who have 33 as one of their core numbers, have qualities of the number 6 as well as qualities of the number 3. 6’s are nurturers and caretakers; even the number 6 itself looks like it is pregnant (mother energy). Also important to note, the double 3 in 33 has a lot of creative and expressive energy. With their acute sensitivity, double creative and expressive energy of the 3, and the nurturing energy of the 6, Master Number 33 individuals have immense healing energy whether they know it or not. Being a Master Number, they are also extremely intuitive.

Master Number 33 – Strengths

  • Radiate a bright healing energy
  • Help others see the good in themselves as well as the positives of any issue
  • Are accepting of themselves and others
  • See the beauty around them
  • Always have a kind or good thing to say about others
  • Work towards justice, kindness, and truth
  • Have a strong body because they have nurtured and refined it through appropriate exercise and diet
  • Have come to accept the shape of their body, whether it meets their own or anyone else’s idea of an ideal body shape

Master Number 33 – Challenges

  • Very limiting with self-imposed standards
  • Highly critical of themselves
  • Judging and critical of others
  • Angry and frustrated with all the flaws of the world
  • Holding in tension within extra body fat or muscle as a kind of insulation from a world that seems harsh and burdensome
  • Prone to a nervous stomach when feeling pressured that they absolutely have to perform well (often self-imposed pressure)
  • Sore throats can be common from unexpressed feelings
  • Impatient and impulsive


It is imperative for Master numbers to understand that they chose to take on some tougher lessons in this life (before they were born) and that they are well prepared for these lessons too. Having reincarnated many times before, they know better, can do better, and are meant to gently guide others to do the same in this lifetime.

Famous Life Path Number 33s:

Albert Einstein

Thomas Edison

George W. Bush

Shannon Woodward

Cardi B

Stephan King

Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid

Jennifer Lawrence